Better to have child euthanized rather than brainwashed by Obama

4 09 2009

So many haters, man. I might not agree with everything Obama says or does. I might not agree with a lot of things. But Jesus Fucking Christ. Can’t the president address the children? It’s not like he’s starting a war without the approval of congress or anything. Omigod. We should be grateful that he gives a shit. Oh no. Oh no. He’s brainwashing the children. By having them write an essay on their educational goals? Mmmm. He’s a socialist. If you’re so goddamn afraid of socialism, you better hand over your unemployment, social security, medicare/medicaid, foodstamps and whateverelse the government helped you with.


I think I might be more concerned that Cartoon Network, Xbox or Facebook was trying to brainwash my children. But the president?  If your children have the capacity to be brainwashed by one presidential address, there’s no hope for them anyway. You better have them euthanized.