Fuck You Chase!

6 11 2009

I received a phone call from Chase Mortgage Company. They hold my mortgage. Some new person was handling my loan modification.  I was confused. As far as I knew the account had been closed.  I had not qualified. Two months after submitting my application, I had called to check on the status. I talked to some woman with an accent.  I was being down-staffed a shift a week. Student loans were looming in the future. But she said that she didn’t see the problem.

The woman suggested that I try to refinance instead. I had tried to refinance in 2008. After I was told that I would most certainly be refinanced and paid $400, I was denied. They kept the $400. Yet, Chase granted me another $5000 credit card. Gee, thanks.

I was all set to call this Chase representative back and tell him to fuck off, I don’t need your help anymore. But I’m a pussy. And he’s not Chase, just a worker for the man who has his own bills to pay.  He congratulated me on my new job.  He wasn’t like the woman.

If I can help it, I will never finance anything through Chase again. I will not recommend them. BOYCOTT CHASE! I realize that Chase is a corporate-conglomeration and my opinion, happiness and well-being means very little to them. The feeling is mutual.

I will continue to pay my payments on-time and look eagerly to the future when I can sell this house and not owe Chase a damn thing.


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20 08 2009

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