W. stands for wasted moments of my life

13 08 2009

Can there really be anything said about the former president that hasn’t already been said? In W.  Oliver Stone shows us that no. No you can’t. The dialogue was a montage of grammatical bloopers, pasted together from various media sources. The rest of the dialogue was manufactured to put the viewer to sleep. Did it make me feel anything different toward Bush? I almost felt sorry for the bastard. Like maybe he really did find Jesus and he thought he was doing God’s work. That gives anyone permission to start a holy war. And it’s hard growing up with the responsibility and expectations of having so much goddamn money. Fuck, I’m glad I don’t have money like that.


W. depicted Bush as a loser that had never really worked or accomplished anything before becoming Governor—making him perfect for a puppet presidency. Cheney was the man behind the curtain.  This makes sense if you believe in the shadow government conspiracy theory. However, the movie operated on the premise that 911 was a terrorist attack with passenger plans–not a well constructed demolition. It was hard for me to believe that any of them ever believed in WMDs or terrorists. Cheney believed in oil and made up everything else.   


Good brother Jeb was mentioned several times. Apparently he was being groomed for the presidency. But George got jealous, wanted Poppy’s approval. It’s a good thing that George fucked it up for Jeb. Otherwise our end of life decisions could be rather precarious. I can see Jeb reaching his dirty little Florida hands in to override wills and spousal decisions. He’d keep us all alive on feeding tubes and vents, use our excrement as an alternative fuel source.